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Learn How The Behavior Exchange in Plano Can Help Your Child

If your child has autism spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, developmental delays, or other special needs that are keeping them from reaching their full potential, The Behavior Exchange can help. We have close to 20 years of experience working with children of all abilities and ages. Our early-start therapy and education programs are based on intensive intervention techniques of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Treatment is personalized for every child’s needs and can include one-on-one sessions, group therapy, and/or real-life training situations. Whichever treatment is best for your child, The Behavior Exchange provides a proven and caring environment where they can flourish.

Our new, easy-to-use, streamlined system makes it so much easier to enroll.

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What makes us different?

Every activity and technique used by The Behavior Exchange is founded on applied behavior analysis (ABA). ABA is a scientific approach that utilizes interventions based on principles of learning and positive reinforcement to improve behavior and skill level in many areas, including compliance, instruction following, reading, language and communication, sibling relationships, age-appropriate play, and social, motor, and self-help skills.

Parents benefit from The Behavior Exchange too. We can teach you how to use intervention techniques to help improve interactions with your child and their overall behavior at home and in public. We strongly encourage parents to use intervention techniques, so their child can continue to succeed in their behavioral and skill acquisition goals.

Serving Plano, North Dallas, Frisco and all of DFW

Our process begins with an initial consultation where we determine what you and your child needs. Next, we complete an individualized assessment to evaluate your child’s skills. The assessment can include school and home observations if it’s necessary to get a complete understanding of their behavioral skills and struggles. Once the assessment is complete, the findings will be used to create an individualized program for your child.

In addition to individualized programs, The Behavior Exchange offers:

  • Social Skills Groups – To help children build positive relationships with parents, siblings, children their age and adults.
  • The Behavior Exchange Early-Start Program (B.E.E.S.) – For early childhood enrichment, group therapy, and school readiness.
  • One-on-One Sessions – Intensive sessions filled with proactive and personalized teaching.
  • Precision Teaching – One-on-one sessions to build skills for reading, writing, and math.
  • Parent Training – Learn how to use ABA techniques to help your child at home and when you’re in public situations.
  • School Consultations – To train staff on how to use proper ABA methods.
  • School Program Review and ARD Advocacy – Observing your child in school, participating in IEP goal development, attending ARD meetings, and collaborating with your child’s teachers.
  • Summer Camp – Continue your child’s interpersonal and behavioral skills over the summer.

The Behavior Exchange Can Make a Difference

We have nearly two decades of ABA therapy experience and have helped hundreds of children and their parents. Every child receives one-on-one attention with a personal touch, and our incredibly friendly staff works with children to ensure they reach their full potential. Early childhood development is critical to the success of every child, so enroll your child today.

If an autism spectrum disorder, behavioral issues, developmental delays, or other special needs are keeping your child from reaching their full potential, contact The Behavior Exchange at (972) 312-8733.