Success in the Classroom

Applied Behavior Analysis in Plano, North Dallas, Frisco and D/FW Metroplex

advocacy program

Whether at home, in the community or at school, your child’s success depends on the consistent application of ABA interventions. The school advocacy services available from The Behavior Exchange ensures the school environment where your child spends much of their time is aligned with their goals and is helping them reach their full potential.

Through a collaborative partnership between parents, the school and our staff, your child is able to learn skills quicker, reduce problem behavior faster, and increase academic and social success at school.

Our school advocacy program includes a wide range of services, like:

  • Observing your child in the classroom to give you an objective appraisal of their learning environment and the skills they need to be more successful.
  • Partnering with school staff to ensure behavioral interventions are consistently implemented in school settings to produce the greatest benefit for your child.
  • Sharing our procedures and specialized techniques to help school staff teach your child in the most positive way.
  • Reviewing IEP (Individual Education Plan) goals to ensure they’re appropriate and written in a measurable way challenging yet achievable plan that continues to propel your child forward while ensuring accountability of the school.
  • Collaborating with the school to develop a highly effective Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan to decrease any problem behavior and ensure your child is learning and not disruptive to others.
  • Designing data collection systems and reinforcement systems to track progress.
  • Providing school staff with training in behavioral interventions and teaching procedures that break down complex skills into manageable tasks for your child to master and build upon.
  • Evaluating schedule of services and placement options to ensure your child is in the best environment and engaging in the most beneficial activities.
  • Attending ARD meetings and being your child’s advocate in a collaborative and friendly way.
  • Helping ensure consistency across all school settings.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and working with your child in one-on-one or group sessions at The Behavior Exchange.

To learn more about the school advocacy program at The Behavior Exchange, email Tammy Cline-Soza. You can find in Plano and Frisco. Call us. 972.312.8733.