• Getting the Most Out of One-on-One Therapy Sessions

    One-on-one ABA therapy sessions are a cornerstone of what we do here at The Behavior Exchange. Our talented behavior analysts work closely with parents to develop an in-depth understanding of each child’s unique developmental needs and challenges. This enables us to develop personalized approaches to fostering achievement. There are a few things parents can do to help their children get the most from one-on-one ABA therapy.

    It’s important for children to know how to apply the skills they’ve learned in ABA sessions to other environments and situations. Our therapists teach parents how to use the principles of ABA in daily life, which will help their children progress. By partnering with a child’s family, our therapists can support the consistent use of positive reinforcement, which encourages the child to maintain his or her good behavior.

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  • What Are the Benefits of One-on-One Therapy?

    Both one-on-one ABA therapy and group sessions can help children with autism progress toward their goals. Ideally, children will attend both types of therapy. Whereas group sessions allow children to get real-life practice with appropriate interactions with their peers, one-on-one therapy gives them the extra attention they need to excel. ABA therapists customize one-on-one sessions to meet the individual child’s unique needs and goals.

    During an individual session, children can receive intensive help to improve their behaviors, such as following instructions and engaging in age-appropriate play. Therapists can identify deficits with language, social skills, and self-help skills, and develop a personalized plan to help kids reach their full potential. Additionally, individual therapy gives children the opportunity to gain a firm grasp on critical academic skills like writing, reading, and math.

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