• Tackling Common Mealtime Problems

    Mealtimes can be a challenge for kids with autism and their families. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use to make mealtimes a little smoother. If your child has autism and you are struggling to make mealtimes work for your family, these tips may help.

    Start by ruling out any underlying physical problem that could be making eating difficult for your child. Children with autism can develop acid reflux, teeth infections, and chewing problems that interfere with eating but which they are not expressing. Because mealtime can cause anxiety for kids with autism, you may consider sticking to a regular schedule for meals, introducing new foods gradually, and making your transition into mealtime a bit slower.

    The Behavior Exchange is committed to helping families who are living with autism learn how to thrive. We offer extensive support for children with autism spectrum disorders. To learn more about our autism treatment center in Plano , please call (888) 716-8084.

  • How We Can Help Your Family Deal with Mealtime Issues

    autism specialist plano It’s often difficult for parents to ensure that their children eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Many children are picky eaters and would much rather eat ice cream than spinach. Unfortunately, children with autism are often exceptionally picky eaters. Some children with autism may only have a few foods that they willingly eat. At The Behavior Exchange, our autism therapists have extensive experience helping children with autism expand their mealtime repertoires.

    With persistence and patience, it is indeed possible to convince a child with autism to try new foods. Our autism therapists will slowly introduce new foods to children, letting them explore their smells, textures, and tastes. This allows children to become more comfortable with new foods and eventually, to eat them. Our autism therapists also help children with autism develop stronger communication skills, which enables them to request the foods they want. Better communication and an expanded menu can greatly ease family stress.

    Is your family struggling to help a child with autism learn desirable behaviors? Call (214) 556-3947 to schedule a consultation with an autism specialist at The Behavior Exchange, which is conveniently located near Dallas.