• Hear Kids Explain Autism in Their Own Words

    Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a term used to describe a range of behavior disorders. Often simply called “autism,” these disorders can affect an individual’s ability to communicate with others and develop social bonds in the same way as his peers.

    In this video, you’ll hear a child with high-functioning autism and his younger sister describe how autism affects his thoughts and feelings. Although there are many types of autism and autism symptoms can manifest in several ways, children with autism can learn positive social and communication skills with the right support.

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  • Making a Plan for Success in the Classroom for Students with Autism

    Students with autism often face unique challenges in the classroom. However, these students also bring a thirst for learning and creative thinking skills to this environment. These students can greatly benefit from a school environment that allows them to interact with peers and teachers through a customized learning plan that takes each student’s needs and goals into account.

    Individualized Education Programs

    Individualized education programs , or IEPs, are required by law for children who receive special education services. An IEP outlines your child’s specific learning needs and provides a rubric for goal assessment to help teachers and other school staff create, implement, and manage his educational path. This document also spells out the accommodations the school will make for your child, such as allowing special test-taking circumstances, and transition planning for older children to prepare teens for success after high school. An IEP is created with input from several individuals; this group often includes parents, teachers, school administrative staff, and ABA therapists.

    School Consultation

    In addition to developing an IEP for your child, working with an autism school consulting service can provide added information and training for school staff to ensure your child receives appropriate support and attention. A school consulting service can objectively assess the school’s current autism and other special needs support services, then make suggestions to modify and improve these programs to improve the learning environment for students and teachers. By providing up-to-date education and consulting, a school consultation can create a stable foundation upon which your child’s educational program can be built.

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  • What Are Some Common Myths About Autism?

    Autism is a condition that can affect an individual’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Although autism spectrum disorders are considered common, autism and other behavior disorders are often poorly understood by the public. Differentiating between the myths surrounding this condition and the truth about autism can help you better understand how and why autism treatment and therapy options work to improve quality of life for individuals with autism.

    Children with Autism Don’t Care About Others

    While it is true that autism affects an individual’s ability to connect and communicate with others, it does not necessarily affect the capability of a child to care about others. In fact, many children with autism develop deep and meaningful relationships with friends, family, and teachers. In many cases, children with autism only seem shy or isolated because they have trouble mastering social skills or picking up on unspoken cues, such as body language or facial expression.

    Autism Affects Intellectual Performance

    One of the most common and pervasive myths about autism is that this condition also causes intellectual as well as social disabilities. This myth has arisen largely because some students with autism have special needs in the classroom and do not progress at the same pace or in the same way as their peers. Autism does not necessarily affect intellect, and individuals often have average or above-average IQs that allow them to excel in math, science, art, and music.

    Children Can Grow Out of Autism

    Autism spectrum disorders are caused by biological and genetic factors that are present at birth. While a child who receives ABA therapy can develop excellent social and communication skills that may allow him to catch up to and progress with his peers over time, autism symptoms are typically a lifelong condition.

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  • Does Autism Affect Speech?

    Autism is a condition that can affect the way an individual perceives and interacts with the world around them. Behavior disorders such as autism can often impact language and speech in varying ways. Autism can affect a child’s ability to express his thoughts and feelings in a social setting. Children with autism spectrum disorders may have difficulty speaking with others or have trouble clearly describing their thoughts, intentions, and emotions. Autism can also affect physical speech, causing difficulty mimicking or making the proper sounds associated with words and language.

    Although autism spectrum disorders can affect language, expression, and speech, the right tools and assistance can help children with autism learn to successfully and openly communicate with others. At The Behavior Exchange, we offer communication training using ABA therapy as part of our services. We invite you to learn more about autism symptoms and what to do if you believe your child has autism on our website, or reach out to us by phone at (888) 716-8084 to speak with a board-certified behavior analyst .