• Is One-on-One Therapy Appropriate for Your Child?

    autistic spectrum disorders Plano If your child is struggling with autism symptoms, behavioral issues, or language and learning delays, you might consider one-on-one therapy sessions. Applied Behavior Analysis therapy can help determine the best course of action to help your child master crucial behavior and academic skills.

    One-on-one therapy sessions typically use positive-reinforcement teaching. This can help your child learn how to follow instructions and increase many skills including language skills, social skill, and motor skills. Through assessment and observation, the therapist will determine the level your child is at socially, emotionally, mentally, and academically so they can develop an Individual Treatment Plan. The skills learned in one-on-one sessions can be applied to outside interactions and help your child to eventually graduate to group therapy sessions.

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  • Find Helpful Vocabulary Lessons for Your Child with this Android App

    If you’re in need of a helpful app for your young child to learn vocabulary, Autism iHelp might be the right one for you. If your child is showing signs of autism, or has already been diagnosed, check out this helpful Android app. The Autism iHelp app has a variety of games, pictures, and progress reports for you and your child to engage in.

    The real world photos used to help grow your child’s vocabulary have several options depending on how your child learns best. You can turn the labels on or off and have the images shown in random order. Also, there are Learning Enhancement activities to gauge your child’s knowledge and retention level.

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  • Signs of Autism to Look for in Your Toddler

    While there is no cure for autism, there are many strategies for improving the communication and social skills of kids with autism to help them become more functional in many different environments. Early intervention services will offer the most benefits, so it is helpful to know some of the earliest signs of autism to look out for. Below, you can see some of the behaviors that might alert you that your child is not developing normally as a toddler.

    Age 1

    autism treatment center Plano

    By age 1 , children are often eager to imitate those around them, and they will enjoy interacting with people that they know. There may be some uneasiness around strangers and fussiness when mom or dad leave the room, but typically 1 year olds will show enthusiasm for learning to walk, talk, and play. In children with autism, you might see a lack of interest in these activities as well as an absence of exclamations and first words like “no,” “mama,” and “dada.”

    Age 2

    At 2 years, kids should be saying simple two-word phrases, point to named objects, and show excitement for spending time around other kids their age. Your child may avoid interaction with others or fail to reach key language milestones if he or she has an autism spectrum disorder.

    Age 3

    Children with autism are typically diagnosed between ages 3 and 6, as a lack of interest in social activities and slow language development become evident at these ages. By age 3, children should be able to express a wide range of emotions and show affection for frequent playmates or family members.

    At The Behavior Exchange in Plano, you can explore resources to help you move toward an autism diagnosis in your child and seek treatment services that will help him or her succeed throughout life. Our Early-Start Program is designed just for young learners, and it offers a child to therapist ratio of 3:1 for detailed, personalized attention. To learn more, give us a call at (888) 716-8084.