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One-on-One Therapy

At The Behavior Exchange, we recognize that every child is unique. Each and every program is specifically selected and adapted for the child based on the parent's initial consultation, assessment, and careful observation. Using proactive and specialized teaching, the intensive, One-on-One sessions address behaviors including: behavioral issues

  • Compliance
  • Instruction Following
  • Language
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Age-Appropriate Play
  • Social, Motor, and Self-Help Skills

In addition to addressing behaviors, our skilled therapists use one-on-one therapy to build upon a child's mastery of fundamental academic skills such as reading, writing, and math through precision teaching.

Once fundamental behavior and academic skills are mastered in one-on-one sessions, your child may benefit from incorporating group therapy into their individualized program.

Pre-school aged children have the opportunity become involved in The Behavior Exchange Early Start Program (B.E.E.S.), an early childhood enrichment and school readiness program where children learn necessary academic and peer interaction skills designed to help them succeed as they enter into school.

School-aged children, who have difficulty interacting with peers and making friends, may become involved in Social Skills Group. The group focuses on improving social skills in an engaging, active, low pressure environment, where therapists use ABA techniques to help your child make lasting friendships.

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Your child shouldn't have to struggle with fundamental academic skills or behavioral and developmental issues at home or at school. The Behavior Exchange's One-on-One therapy sessions can help your child with behavioral issues, subjects at school, and developing friendships.

If you need help treating a child with an autism spectrum disorder, behavioral issue, developmental delays, or other special needs, to enable them to reach their full potential for school and related environments, please contact The Behavior Exchange located in Plano and Frisco. Call us at (972) 312-8733.

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